I can catch the falling stars,
They make the darkness brighter
Even though they burn holes in my hands.

told you I was going to draw something else for Queen Sharon’s birthday hah


isn’t it a little too late for this?

I coloured the Xerx for the Xerx who is 18 todaY HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAN

haha wow

idk sketches

let’s go

this had to be something cheesy but then retrace 87.

hi yes have some ot3 doodles

“What now?”
Sharon raised her head for a moment, looking him in the eye with a smile. “Now, you let yourself live.” With a final kiss to his forehead, she curled up into him and closed her eyes, as if that were the simplest thing in the world.

based on this, a drabble that was actually based on this old drawing of mine, so I guess this is a redraw thing? Idk 

but look at that ew old drawing of mine I have improved this is amazing sob and aLSO THIS TOOK ME TWO DAYS LIKE IT’S THE FIRST TIME I PUT SO MUCH EFFORT INTO SOMETHING anywayyyy I used a new coloring style so um sorry about that. Actually, is it good? 

here, I drew my favourite childhood friends. I really wish MochiJun would make them interact more, because, I mean, they kinda grew up together ;w;”’