a bunch of (old) sakamichi no doodles uwu




went out, took some photos of clouds, doodled some reigisa

clusterkind: Goddamn you your art is so quality like pretty colors and nice feeling and simple lines and stuff your art is good shutup

but but but——-



hopeless people.png

have some Chihayafuru doodles (+ a Reim)

anonymous said: Break (and Sharon, if you want) with pallet 18?


cloiegirl12: Hey there, I was wondering, if chapter 92 turns out to be real and we see Xerxes is truly gone. How will this affect your Artwork? I mean your 0T3 drawings had to be the thing I loved the most.

as you have seen, I haven’t stopped drawing the ot3 even though the X.B. is gone, and I probably wouldn’t be able to stop even if I tried, so don’t worry about that.


for more ot3 drawings look here uwu”

Anonymous: Do u take requests?

it depennnddss….. if you can pay me, yes. c: